White Dwarf - High Performance Annular Cold Trap (LN2 / Dry Ice Version)


White Dwarf - High Performance Annular Cold Trap (LN2 / Dry Ice Version)

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Using our Teflon coated alloy & finned condenser technology, we have increased cold trapping potential & performance.

  • Our alloy is 16 times more thermally conductive than stainless steel, and 200 times more conductive than glass--this allows the condensing surface to maintain colder and more consistent temperatures.
  • Finned design increases the total surface area, when compared to typical annular style cold traps.
  • Specialized hydrophobic PTFE sintering process sheds condensate easily and provides an increased number of nucleation sites--which assist in converting vapors to liquids.
  • Our food-grade chemically-inert surfaces, ensure your condensate remains preserved, pure, and unadulterated.


Since the trap is internally baffled, having the inlet & outlet in-line is, in this case, an advantage.

In the White Dwarf, the vapor flow travels into the shell making immediate contact with the cold condenser surface head on, then down and through half of the condenser fins, through the suspended condensate container, then back upwards across the other half of the condenser fins, before finally exiting through the exhaust port.

This method results in maximum condenser contact and increased residence times in the trap (about double that of offset ports), all while still maintaining low impedance!  


In other cold trap designs, the condensate pools at the base of the outer shell where it absorbs heat, which often causes the condensate to re-vaporize and pass through & back out of the trap (loss), or be re-condensed back to a liquid (reflux). These factors occupy cold trap resources, and are detrimental to cold trap performance.

By suspending the majority of the condensate above the shell base, the White Dwarf minimizes heat transfer between the condensate and the shell.

(Centering Rings and Clamps included)

Product Specifications

Model White Dwarf Annular Cold Trap (LN2/Dry Ice Version)
Type LN2/CO2 Low Impedance Annular Cold Trap
Dimensions 11.5" X 8" X 7" (290mm X 200mm X 180mm)
Weight Total: 13.5 Lbs
Refrigerant Capacity 1 Liter
Condensate Capacity 0.5 Liter
Condenser Surface Area > 300 in^2
Condenser Thermal Conductivity 236 W/m*K
Construction Food-grade stainless steel shell, PTFE-coated alloy condensing insert, Viton Seals, borosilicate Condensate Container
Application Condense terpenes, deeper vacuum levels, protect vacuum pump, backflow prevention
Pressure Range -14.7psi to +150 psi (hinged clamp), +300 psi (bolted clamp)
Intake KF-25 (other connections available upon request)
Exhaust KF-25 (other connections available upon request)
Working Fluid Liquid Nitrogen, Dry Ice
Working Temperature Liquid Nitrogen: -196C
Dry Ice Acetone: -78C
Dry Ice Isopropyl: -77C
Dry Ice Ethanol: -72C
Installation Freestanding
Warranty 1 Year Parts and Labor