Terpene Traps

Capture your volatile hydrosol and terpene vapors before they are lost or destroyed.

With a Terpene Trap you can easily reclaim your own terpenes.


Terpene Traps are ideal to use during:

  • Vacuum Purging

    The very low pressures obtained during Vacuum Purging, cause terpenes to vaporize & enter the vacuum-pump--where they buildup residues over time, and cause damage to the pump.

    Don't let early vacuum-pump failure surprise you, instead rest easy knowing you have a CF-1000 steadily capturing pure terpenes for you to savor!..

    Terpene Trap™!

  • Decarboxylating

    Since high temperatures are required during decarboxylation, large amounts of terpenes and water-vapor (hydrosol) are lost into the atmosphere during this process--unless you use a Terpene Trap™!

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