OD-28 ("Odie") and Chiller - Terpene Trap for the CDO-28 Decarb Oven (not included)


OD-28 (

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Scientific 710's OD-28 "Odie" Decarb Cold Trap was developed in partnership with Cascade Sciences. 

Odie is the only product on the market to collect terpenes during the decarb process.  Using high performance materials like Teflon coated aluminum (which is 16 times more conductive than Stainless Steel and 200 times more conductive than glass), then paired with our patent pending technology we have created the most efficient way to recondence the exhaust from the decarb oven. 

 By creating a closed loop system on your CDO-28, Odie simultaneously collects the hydrosol  and valuable terpenes being expelled out of the exhaust. It then recirculates the dryer, cleaner air back into the oven with every pass and dramatically reduces drying times.  When Odie is (easily) assembled to the CDO-28 it no longer sucks in the ambient air around the oven.  Thus resulting in cleaner and dryer air being used to dry the material.  Dryer material means higher percent yields when processed. This makes the operation more efficient and produces higher quality products with less work.  These valuable terpenes then can be used or processed for the client's desired application.    

 The OD-28 "Odie" has also solved the odor issue with the CDO-28.  Clients that process in sensitive areas, needed a solution for mitigating the odor being expelled in to the air.  By recirculating the air, Odie eliminates 90% of the odor being expelled from the oven.  Once again, Odie solves an issue by creating a closed loop system.  

Odie and its components are made in the USA. Distributed with a Pro Chiller and specially devised rack, it solves a multitude of issues that clients have with the CDO-28 Decarb Oven. Technology that collects valuable terpenes, maximizing the true abilities of your CDO-28 and helping your overall operation be more efficient and produce higher quality products.


     User Manual

    Included: "Odie" Terpene Trap and oven mount, Pro Chiller, Terpene/Hydrosol Separator, and all required hardware for installation

    "Odie" Terpene Trap Specifications

    Model "Odie" (OD-28) Terpene Trap
    Type Glycol Terpene/Hydrosol Decarb Oven Cold Trap
    Dimensions 42" X 12" X 6"
    Weight 30 Lbs
    Glycol Capacity 1 Liter
    Condensate Capacity Unlimited
    Condenser Surface Area 760 in^2 (0.5 m^2)
    Condenser Thermal Conductivity 210 W/m*K
    Stainless steel, PTFE (Teflon) coated aluminum, FKM (Viton) seals, borosilicate sight glass and  terpene/hydrosol separator
    Application Condense terpenes and hydrosol from decarboxylation ovens
    Intake 3" OD
    Exhaust 3" OD
    Working Fluid 50:50 Glycol/Water Mixture
    Working Temperature 0F to 300F (-17C to 150C)
    Warranty 1 Year Parts and Labor


    Pro Chiller Specifications

    Cooling Capacity 3200 BTU/hr
    Glycol tank capacity 5.5 Gal
    Dedicated Circuit 15 Amp
    Voltage 115/60 V/Hz
    Compressor Power 3/8 hp
    Thermostat Digital
    Glycol Pump Totton SPC42
    Refrigerant R134a
    Refrigerant amount 0.375 Lbs
    Dimensions (W x D x H) 16.7" X 15.2" X 29.7"
    Weight 85 Lbs
    Warranty 1 Year Parts and Labor