Black Hole - Terpene Cold Trap (Closed Jacket)


Black Hole - Terpene Cold Trap (Closed Jacket)

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    The Black Hole Cold Trap addresses problems associated with traditional “annular cold traps.". Most cold traps are designed to protect the vacuum pump, and can substantially tax achievable throughput in process. The Black Hole can be used to protect your pump, or as a cryogenic condenser designed to capture volatile compounds that often pass through a traditional cold trap.  

    The vast majority of cold traps (and condensers) used have condensing surfaces that allow for condensate to freeze to the surface, greatly reducing performance. 

    The Black Hole is a high conductance, low impedance cold trap specifically designed to overcome the failures of other cold traps on the market.  The Black Hole can also be manufactured with a variety of vapor fittings from KF-10 up to 2" Try Clamp. Having the ability to custom the Black Whole to fit your needs.  This next generation trap has a specialized surface finish and topology that encourages condensation and draining of condensate, reducing chance of sticky frozen terps taxing traps performance." 

    Like all of our products the Black Hole Cold trap is Engineered, tested and manufactured in house to the Highest standards.  With performance and efficiency being the main driver.  Collecting the most Terpens per run is the ultimate goal.


    Product Specifications

    Model: Black Hole™ (Closed Jacket)


    Closed Jacket (LN2/CO2/Glycol) Low Impedance Cold Trap
    Dimensions: 16" X 17.25" X 32" (400mm X 440mm X 800mm)

    Total: 51 Lbs

    Refrigerant Capacity

    Internal: 0.5 Liters

    External:  1.5 Liters

    Condensate Capacity 1.5 Liter
    Condensate Surface Area 500 in^2
    Construction: Stainless Steel, PTFE-coated alloy condensing insert, Viton Seals, PTFE 3/8" stainless braided hose
    Application: Condense VOC’s and/or solvents, deeper vacuum levels, protect vacuum pump, backflow prevention
    Pressure Range -14.7psi  to  +60 psi (-30mmHg  to  +2,500mmHg)
    Intake 2" Tri Clamp (other connections available upon request)
    Exhaust 2" Tri Clamp (other connections available upon request)
    Condenser Sight Glass 2"
    Condensate Sight Glass 4"
    Working Fluid: Liquid Nitrogen, Liquid CO2, Dry Ice, Glycol
    Installation: Freestanding
    Display Type: Pressure Gauge (vacuum to +60 psi)
    Warranty: 1 Year Parts and Labor
    Manufactured USA