FAQ - Iron Fist ™

Will this really save me time? ... Packing tubes is easy. I can pack a tube in about 2 minutes..
  • Great question! Can you pack a tube in 20 seconds? A loosely packed one possibly.
  • In the processes we're familiar with, it is critical to get as much tightly packed material into the column as possible, and there's nothing easy about getting it in or out.
  • We do understand that some processes can afford the luxury of loosely packed columns, but typically at the overall cost of reduced production returns, and increased solvent use.
  • The Iron Fist is intended to be used by those wanting 20% more tightly packed material in each run in 20 seconds with the flick of a switch. (It would take hours to replicate this by hand.)
  • The Iron Fist is for those wanting to streamline back breaking, labor-intensive, and often unsafe methods of old. 


Can you make me a custom size one?  I have a 4" column that is 60" long?
  • Yes, we can do that!
  • Will you require a stroke length of the entire 60", or do you need more like 30"?  (There are advantages and disadvantages to both.)
               60" Stroke Scenario
    • The disadvantage to the 60" stroke is the overall length of the system. A 60" stroke will require the completed length to be about 63". When fitted onto a 60" column this will make the entire assembly about 123" (10'). If you will be using the unit to load material as well as unload then you will also require at least a 12" hopper section. Now the assembly is 11'.
    • This can be packed horizontally or vertically as long as you have the proper stands for each. Packing horizontally will also require an end cap and our horizontal stand or one of your own, packing vertically will require our vertical stand and probably a ladder, LOL.
    • So as long as you have that kind of space available in your lab/shop then you're good to go and we will have no trouble making any sized system for you. It will still produce the 2,140 LB force the entire length of the stoke.
    • The primary advantage to the stroke length matching a rather long column length, is that you can unload the column in one single operation. 
                 30" Stroke Scenario
    • The disadvantage of using a shorter stroke length, say 30", is that when unpacking the 60" column it will only unpack half at a time.
    • You will need to do the first 30", then detach the Iron Fist and insert a 30" spacer or push rod (which we can also make for you if needed). Then reattach & push the rest of the spent material out.
    • The primary advantage of going the shorter stroke length, is that the overall assembly will be shorter if lab/shop space is an issue. If space is not an issue, then we would recommend the longer setup to maintain overall speed of production.