FAQ - Terpene Traps ™

What percentage of terpenes are lost during Vacuum Purging? ... I can smell the terpenes coming out of my vacuum exhaust.
  • Great question! It's not much, but is very significant when you consider the value of terpenes and the cost of vacuum pumps.
  • Losses depend on the initial terpene content, purge pressure, purge temperature, and purge duration. Typical terpene losses from vacuum purging can range from 2-10% of total terpene content by overall material weight.


How does an in-line Terpene Trap™ like the CF-1000 differ from a conventional refrigerated cold trap or cold finger?

Our CF-1000 Terpene Trap™ offers several advantages over conventional refrigerated cold traps. Here are just a few:

    • The CF-1000 uses an engineered fluid dynamic condenser designed specifically to catch terpene particles while maintaining a high flow-velocity through the system.
    • It uses thermally conductive food-grade & chemically-compatible alloys to rapidly pull heat from terpene particles, and quickly condense them to liquid. (Typical cold traps and cold fingers use glass as the heat transfer medium which is 145 times less thermally conductive.)
    • The CF-1000 can operate at both negative and positive pressures.
    • The condensate is removed by simply turning a valve at the base of the unit, and draining the fluid into the supplied terpene container. This saves valuable time because there is no need to stop production.  No set up, assembly, coolant, hoses, pumps.  Simply drain terpenes into a suitable container.
    • The CF-1000 offers the ability to remove captured condensate at any time allowing for uninterrupted operation. 
    • The CF-1000 uses a Watlow PID temperature controller making it easy to set your desired temperature. It then monitors & regulates the temperature, and digitally displays the information on the front panel. 
    • The CF-1000 is rugged but compact with plug and play operation enclosed in robust lab-grade stainless steel.
    • Here is a more technical explanation.


What is the operating temp inside the unit, and what type of refrigerant does it use?

  • The CF-1000 allows you to set the temperature, and gives you the actual condensing chamber temperature in real time.
  • It uses R134a refrigerant and can achieve temperatures as low as -20 F (-29 C).
  • (Our testing has shown that the advertised minimum temperatures of other devices are never truly achieved within the condensing chamber itself.)


I was hoping to put dried herbs in the oven at low temp, and extract the terpenes. Which trap do I need?

  • The CF-1000 can operate down to 0.005 Torr (0.67 Pa, 0.0001 psia, -29.92 hg) and up to 2590 Torr (344738 Pa, 50 psia, 72 hg).
  • If you are using multiple vacuum ovens or an oven larger than 2 cubic feet we recommend the CF-1000
  • The CF-1000 uses KF-25 connections.


Shipping and customs?

  • US shipping is absolutely free! If you are ordering internationally please contact us directly, and we can assist with shipping & international duty fees.



  • Our machines are made right here in the US and we proudly stand behind our products. The CF-1000 comes with a 1-year warranty.