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The CF-1000 is specifically designed to capture terpenes in-line during low pressure vacuum processes. 

It's easy to use plug & play operation, Teflon coating, continuous operation, and digital temperature control, make it the best choice to reclaim your terpenes.

Product Features

          • In-process draining enables non-stop operation. Stainless steel drain valve with stainless intake & exhaust ball valves allow the trap to be isolated, enabling draining without breaking vaccum to the rest of the system.

          • Reclaim valuable terpenes and/or hydrosol.

          • Extend the life of your vacuum pump. Using a CF-1000 in-line will keep terpenes from entering the pump where they condense and cause damage.

          • Provides back-flow prevention, and allows pumps to achieve deeper vacuum levels.

          • Plug & Play operation. Simply connect hoses, turn on, and set desired temperature down to -10F (-23C) (and lower depending on ambient conditions).

          • Push-button temperature control. Easily dial-in and monitor real-time temperature with it's dual digital display. 

          • Large borosilicate sight glass with LED backlight allows for quick visual inspection.

          • Specialized hydrophobic coating produces maximum condensate collection rates and chemical resistance.

          • Viton seals provide high resistance to temperature and chemicals.

          • Stainless steel KF-25 intake and exhaust vacuum fittings with centering rings and clamps included.

          • Lab grade stainless steel enclosure.

          • Space-conserving counter top design.

          • 50 mL internal condensate capacity. The capacity can be expanded via drain port attached to auxiliary vacuum safe container (not included).
          • Comes with 50 mL terpene recovery flask, sight glass removal tool, foam sight glass insulator, replacement Viton o-rings, and user manual.

          • Food grade materials, 1 year warranty, Made in the USA

          • Tested to UL Standards

 Product Specifications

Model: CF-1000
Type: Terpene Trap™,  Cold Trap
Dimensions: 12" Wide X 17" Tall X 15" Deep
Weight: 30 Pounds
Exterior: Stainless Steel
Application: Capture Terpenes and/or Hydrosol
Voltage: 115 Volts / 60HZ (Click here for 220V)
Watts: 275 Watts
Amperage: 2.4 Amps
Compressor Operating Power: 1/6 hp
Compressor Certifications: UL, CUL
* Minimum Temperature: -20 °F (-29 °C) 
Internal Condensate Capacity: 50 mL
Operating Pressure 0.005 - 2,500 Torr  [0.0001 - 50 psi]
Installation: Freestanding
Refrigerant Type: R-134A 
Display Type: Digital PID Temperature Controller
Drain Type: 3/8" Hose Barb
Intake/Exhaust Type: KF-25
Condensate Warmer: YES
Removable Sight Glass: YES
Serviceable O-Ring: YES
Continuous Operation: YES
LED Lighting: YES
Safety Features:

Thermally Protected Compressor

50 psi Pressure Relief Valve

Sealing Material: Viton
Terpene Trap Material: Specialized hydrophobic coating
Sight Glass Material: 3/4" Thick Borosilicate Sight Glass
Pipes, Fittings, and Valves Material: Stainless Steel
Auxiliary Terpene Container: 50 mL Borosilicate Flask
Country of Manufacture: USA
Warranty: 1 Year