Vertical-Column Tri-Clamp Material Loading Stands


Vertical-Column Tri-Clamp Material Loading Stands

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Tri-Clamp Material Loading Stands are specifically designed to securely hold tri-clamp spools/extraction-columns vertical for easy loading.

Stainless steel construction and rubber feet make it the safest and easiest way to load material columns.


Product Features

          • Securely holds tri-clamp spools / columns vertically for easy material loading.
          • Precision milled Food Grade HDPE spacer.
          • Tripod stand ensures stability on uneven surfaces.
          • Lab grade stainless steel.
          • Rubber Feet.
          • 1 year warranty, Made in the USA.

Product Specifications

Model: Vertical Loading Stand
Dimensions: 24" Wide X 21" Deep X 3" High
Exterior: Stainless Steel
Application: Vertically Stabilize Tri Clamp Extraction Columns
Installation: Freestanding
Spacer Material: HDPE (1 X 1" and 1 X 1/8")
Country of Manufacture: USA
Warranty: 1 Year